Lot 115 - Team of Percheron

Papered Percheron's, Not bred and broke to drive

Lot 215 - Delivery Cart

horse drawn delivery wagon, always stored indoors. heavy ply wood floors and walls. Built with 30" front tires and 40" rears

Lot 104 - Belgium Mares

Well broke 15 year olds weighing 2000-2100Lbs, been used in parades, wagon trains, traffic friendly.

mares have been running with a grey Percheron stud.

Harness and collars will be sold in the sale aswell.

Lot 210 - Two Seater Sleigh

Sleigh was Beautifully re-buildt from a Remington Carriage Museum Plan, with all original sleigh iron, 3 positions for pole for correct draft, ash pole

Lot 327 - 21"-23" Carefree Collars

New 21" to 23 care free collars with white buck stitching

Lot 209 - Czechoslovakian carriage

Narrow gauge wheel base, cut under, two seater, manual brake. has two poles sold with it, wheels are on rubber. "very comfortable and fun to drive"

Lot 205 - Meadow brook horse cart

Oak wood, seats flip up for entry

Leaf Springs

Lot 107 -  Raven and Crow

Lot 201 - 2 seater cutter

New steel runners, New steel frame, New steel poles

Lot 207 - Ladies Phaeton

Comes with leather washers, 2 coal oil lamps and wheel wrench. 
Hard rubber on wheels.
Cut under design with a groom's seat and double springs. Has detachable shafts. 
Built by R.M. Stivers in New York about 1916

Lot 325 - Bio Draft Harness

Fancy Spotted draft harness BIO, Like New condition

Lot 302 - New Blue Inlay Harness

New bio blue inlay spotted harness 1/4 horse size, Stainless steel hardware. Amish Made

Lot 208 - Robertson carriage

Equine Limousine, Only used for one wedding, 2 years old

Lot 101 - Mike and Matt

12 years old, 16 hands high, 1350 Lbs

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Lot 100 - Rose

Bay roan Percheron Quarter horse

Lot 217 - Red seat and trim sleigh

Lot 213 - Metal Trail Cart

New Metal trail cart, with brakes on both tires, Great for training horses

Lot 114 - Smokey and duke

15-15.3 hands, 9 year old and 1200lbs been on wagon trains, involved in taxi services, road friendly, used to train other horses on carts and sleighs. calm with their feet.

November 16th 2019
Draft/Draft Horse Cross Sale Horse Drawn Vehicles & Tack
Caluori Pavilion, Olds, AB 5223 54 St, Olds

11:00 am Sale Start Time

Lot 111 - Gelding team

5 year old geldings, well trained. Exposed to many different hitches, including single, wagons, mower, V-rake and more. Have been exposed to parades, schools and family functions and other public demonstrations very well mannered geldings from a proud home

Lot 301 - New Draft Cross Harness

New bio spotted 3 strap britchen harness, stainless steel hames and hardware fits 1000Lb - 1500Lb horses. Amish Made

Lot 211 - Work sled

7' Long x 4' Wide chore or training sled.

Great for starting young horses on, Has steel runners

Lot 303-320 - Carriage and wheelwrights Hardware

Spokes, Felloes, Sarven hubs, Light sleigh runner, carriage box and seat iron, Steps, wheel nuts, wheel wrenches, ETC.

Lot 214 - Meadow Brooke Cart

Like New condition, Solid Oak, Side Entry with Storage Under Seats

Lot 103 - Salt and Pepper

Lot 326 - Blue inlay Bio draft Harness

Stainless steel hames and hardware, BIO Fancy Harness

Lot 109 -  Titan and Denver, Belgium Team

6 and 9 years old 17.3 Hands, 2000Lbs Each.

very well broke pair, been used in weddings, on chore sleighs, sleigh rides.

Geldings without any brands

Lot 204 - Bobsleigh

Complete bobsleigh, runners, bunk and poles excellent condition

Lot 116 - Canadian cross'

Team of Canadian cross 2 year old fillies

Lot 212 - New Roberts Carriage 3 Seater sleigh

Metal runners and box, Fiberglas seats with cushions, comes with poles and shaves

Lot 200 - 3 Seater Cutter by Roberts Carriages

Beautiful three seater with swivel middle seats, well maintained and kept clean with a great finish on both the seats and side walls

Lot 203 - Sleigh

Sleigh with single seat, steel runners frame and pole, 5' x 10' Deck with seat

Lot 112 - Marg and Mae

16 hands tall, 1700Lbs and 1800Lbs Clyde's, 9 and 10 Years old

Currently bred to a a Clyde stallion, Please call Robert for pictures of the stallion.

matching 4 white legs on each horse to match great together, have been trained on trail carts in singles and as doubles. Have been used to help train young mares as well

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Lot 108 - Pinto Shire Cross

June colt that is quiet, halter broke and ready to learn. Without any brands.